1. New Grip Tape Scraps

    We put new grip tape scaps on the site in the grip section. 

    Grip Tape Scraps: We pick random solid and graphic patterns so you can create your own funky grip job. We have about 20 patterns and 7 solid colors to choose from. 

    42” 5 random patterns
    48” 6 random Patterns
    60” 7 random Patterns

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  2. New Fall Custom Grip Tape

    New Fall custom griptape for longboards. We also added a new Halloween custom grip tape to the inventory for the first time in 12 years. We hope you like it. 

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  3. More Painted Decks Colors

    More Painted Decks Coming Your Way!!

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  4. We put together a little demo for buildaboard

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  5. New longboard specialty shapes and restocks

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  6. Custom Graphics Are Back!

    Custom Graphics for your company or promotional boards. Please send up a message for picing. 

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  7. New Sliding Wheels On the SIte. Wolf and Coyote

    New sliding wheels 84a Wolf and Coyote series. The Coyote are 65mm and Wolf 70mm 

    Longboard Sliding Wheels 

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  8. New Video: Blood Orange: Natalie Pluto

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  9. New Full Painted Decks Coming in 2 Weeks.

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  10. Holiday Shipping

    Happy holidays everyone!

    This notice is for all orders made after the 17th this month.

    Same day shipping before 2pm: If placed after 2PM your package will ship the following day.

    We can only guarantee your order is shipped on time and in the way that it was placed.   

    Please note: We cannot guarantee your delivery date if USPS/Fedex/UPS delays your package. It is out of our control.  

    East Coast Orders:  All orders from the weekend 18”, 19th 20th please choose 3 day as specified on the shipping option if you need your order before Christmas. 

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