1. New Longboard Deck Shapes

    New Longboard Shapes

    I would like to introduce some new woods and materials to our inventory. The Olive-wood or aka tiger stripes are the newest wood veneers after our dark-walnut decks came out awhile ago. The purpose is enterly cosmetics and for eye candy only. The 48" dancer has the top and bottom and the 39" top mount has only the bottom mostly because the 39" is usually covered with black as dancers are usually covered in clear or gripped with a huge gap in the middle. Also we added the fiberglass decks for a springy and super flexy feel made with a composit maple and fiberglass mixture. 

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  2. Download the newest wholesale pricelist

    Hi guys

    We have just updated the pricelist. Be sure to always download the newest and most current pricelist from the bulk/pricelist link on the bottom of the site. We constantly update the list with lower prices and new products that reflect the sites current inventory and availability.  For those who are not familiar with using the pricelist for bulk orders please email us if you have any questions.

    If the order is over $300 fill it out and email back to us and we'll email you a separate invoice plus shipping. We usually ship your bulk order with-in a day or 2. 

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  3. Slide wheels American Racers

    One of our Zaza team riders just sent out a small review of the American Racers 77mm 81a. Here is what he said about them. 

    "Hey man just wanted to say thank you so much for the wheels! The American Racer model has definitely become one of my all time favorite wheel. The core makes the acceleration speed really fast, the urethane/mold shape allows me to drift with ease, and even grips corners at some very high speeds. This past weekend I've been relentlessly shredding them on many different hills and they don't seem to wear down. I'd definitely recommend using the same core and urethane formula in a wider square lipped mold for it would make an amazing downhill race wheel.

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    New pro blank decks added to the site. These are as good as it gets for pro banks. They are made coldpress hardwood maple for the best pop. The concave is set at an industry standard "not too much and too llittle. I suggest you sample one these popcycles you will not be disapointed. Right now we have 4 sizes 7.875, 8, 8.25, 8.5 and soon to come will be 7.75 and 8.3. 

    pro deck wholesale

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  5. New Deck Shapes and Materials

    New Deck Shapes and Materials  


    48" Blank Dancer Dark Walnut Longboard Deck: Top and botton dark walnut veneers with Canadian maple middle.

    Drop Down Blank Longboard Deck: Top and bottom dark walnut veneers with Candian maple middle.

    36" Missle shape downhill speed blank longboard deck. Made with Candian maple wood the deck is constructed with double wide wheel wells and adjustable wheel base mounting holes. 

    37" Arrow shape dowhill free-ride blank longboard deck: Made with Candian maple wood the deck is constructed with double wide wheel wells and adjustable wheel base mounting holes.

    32" Fish Surf Shape mini cruiser skateboard: Made with Canadian maple.


    7.75" Professional Blank Skateboard Deck. Made with hard Canadian maple wood with top, bottom and middle stained plys. 

    8.3" Professional Blank Skateboard Deck. Made with hard Canadian maple wood with top, bottom and middle stained plys.





    New Bulk Pricelist. 

    On orders over $300 always be sure to download the newest pricelist or email us at subject line (pricelist) and we'll send it right over. 

    Any questions about our products/bulk discounts please email or call. 


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  6. New Longboard Wheels

    New Longboard Wheels

    New lower prices on all longboard wheels blank and printed 65mm $9 a set 70mm $10 a set and 76mm $11.5 for bulk prices only and new colors in the blank wheels. We also have new sizes in our pro wheels 53mm and 55mm. We have added our largerest wheel to the fam at 90mm.

    New Blank Colors
    65mm clear orange, black, white, clear blue
    70mm clear orange, blended blue and orange blended pink and green, clear red
    76mm black, orange
    90mm neon green 

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  7. Building a new site

    Hi guys! The server/hosting company we have been with for over 5 years shut down unexpectedly. Long story short we were unable to get anything from our site. So we are building a brand new website right now. Thank you all for your patience in this unthinkable situation. We should be ready to rock and roll in a couple of days. 

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