62mm-76mm Hawgs Wheels

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62mm-76mm Hawgs Wheels

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Sold As (Set of 4) 

62mm Venables

Diameter: 62mm

Contact Patch: 30mm

Duro: 82a

The Venables will help you tackle rocks, cracks and any other unfortunate obstacles that might halt a smaller size wheel. Powerslides will remain smooth as ever and flatspots will be a thing of the past.

63mm Easy Hawgs

Diameter: 63mm

Contact Patch: 32mm

Duro: 78a

Cruising on Easy Hawgs is like slow rolling on 4 pastel coloured clouds. Care free!

70mm Mini Zombie Hawgs

Diameter: 70mm

Contact Patch: 40mm

Duro: 78a | 80a | 82a

Available in 3 durometers to suit any riding style or terrain; the Mini Zombie features a stone-ground finish and an offset core, resulting in a smooth slide and predictable hook-up.

73mm Biggie Hawgs

Diameter: 73mm

Contact Patch: 66mm

Duro: 78a

The Bigger Biggie Hawgs provide a meaty width and are compatible with most top-mount and low-clearance setups. With our high-rebound formula, in 76a grey, and 78a blue, these will grip in the most demanding situations but will break out smooth for predrifts and check slides.

76mm Monster Hawgs

Diameter: 76mm

Contact Patch: 58mm

Duro: 78a | 80a

At 76mm tall, these Hawgs have the momentum to roll fast and keep on truckin’. Their height also means there is more urethane to keep the ride smooth on rougher roads. Monsters will steamroll down any hill and keep your speed while cruising the flats.

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