1. Skateboarding and longboard skateboarding have a wide variety of shapes and styles

    Skateboarding and longboard skateboarding have a wide variety of shapes and styles because different shapes and styles are designed for different purposes and preferences of riders. Here are some examples:

    1. Deck shape: The shape of the skateboard deck determines how the board feels and performs. For example, a wider deck with a longer wheelbase is more stable, while a narrower deck with a shorter wheelbase is more nimble and maneuverable. A concave shape can provide more control, while a flat shape is better for cruising.

    2. Deck length: The length of the skateboard deck also affects its performance. Longer boards are better for cruising and carving, while shorter boards are better for tricks and street skating.

    3. Truck width: The width of the skat

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  2. New Grip Tape Scraps

    We put new grip tape scaps on the site in the grip section. 

    Grip Tape Scraps: We pick random solid and graphic patterns so you can create your own funky grip job. We have about 20 patterns and 7 solid colors to choose from. 

    42” 5 random patterns
    48” 6 random Patterns
    60” 7 random Patterns

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  3. New Fall Custom Grip Tape

    New Fall custom griptape for longboards. We also added a new Halloween custom grip tape to the inventory for the first time in 12 years. We hope you like it. 

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  4. More Painted Decks Colors

    More Painted Decks Coming Your Way!!

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  5. We put together a little demo for buildaboard

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  6. New longboard specialty shapes and restocks

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  7. Custom Graphics Are Back!

    Custom Graphics for your company or promotional boards. Please send up a message for picing. 

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  8. New Sliding Wheels On the SIte. Wolf and Coyote

    New sliding wheels 84a Wolf and Coyote series. The Coyote are 65mm and Wolf 70mm 

    Longboard Sliding Wheels 

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  9. New Video: Blood Orange: Natalie Pluto

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  10. New Full Painted Decks Coming in 2 Weeks.

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